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Skilled therapeutic optometrist, Amina Ebrahim, OD, has extensive training in orthokeratology (ortho-k) for treating myopia, or nearsightedness. At D Vision Eyecare in Allen, Texas, Dr. Ebrahim provides this type of corrective therapy and the needed specialty contact lenses to improve your vision. If you have difficulty seeing well at a distance but don’t want to wear glasses, schedule an appointment at D Vision Eyecare to learn more about ortho-k. You can book an appointment by calling the office or request one with the online booking feature.

Ortho-K Q & A

What is orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology or ortho-k is a treatment option to correct myopia, or nearsightedness, that uses specialty contact lenses to temporarily reshape your cornea while you sleep.

Your cornea is the dome-shaped structure at the front of your eye that focuses light onto the retina to help you see. When the cornea isn’t shaped normally, you may experience blurry vision and find it difficult to see at a distance.

Why should I consider ortho-k?

If you’re nearsighted but don’t want to wear glasses, you may benefit from ortho-k therapy. You may also be a good candidate for ortho-k if you’re not ready for or able to have LASIK surgery to correct your vision.

Ortho-k is effective for both adults and children. Dr. Ebrahim can determine if ortho-k is a good treatment option for you by reviewing your medical history and completing a comprehensive eye exam. If ortho-k isn’t an option, she can recommend other methods for obtaining clear vision, such as specialty contact lenses.

What can I expect during ortho-k therapy?

Ortho-k uses specially designed contact lenses that Dr. Ebrahim custom fits to your eye to change the shape of your cornea. You wear the lenses while you sleep to flatten your cornea and temporarily correct your distance vision. Flattening the cornea changes how light bends when it enters your eye.

When you wake up, you remove the contacts. You will experience clearer vision throughout the day as the cornea stays flat and won’t need to wear your glasses.

To achieve consistent vision, you need to wear the special contacts every night. As soon as you stop wearing the lenses, your cornea goes back to its original shape.

The lenses Dr. Ebrahim uses in therapy are rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses that are sturdier than soft lenses and easy to maintain. RGP lenses effectively change the shape of your cornea without depriving your eye of oxygen. Initially, the lens may be uncomfortable, but over time, you likely won’t notice you’re wearing them.

To find out if you’re a candidate for ortho-k therapy, request a consultation with Dr. Ebrahim using the online booking feature or by calling D Vision Eyecare today.